Green Leafy Vegetables are

with nutrients, and protective against many chronic health conditions and are easy to grow. Learn more today!!

Vertical Farming

Vertical Farming is alternative way of producing Agri Products. It is not a new technology.
You can search in Google “Vertical Farming” and you will view a lot and also you will gain a lot of knowledge on Vertical Farming.
Vertical Farming systems are used mainly for growing Green Leafy Vegetable.

Vertically Inclined Surfaces

Vertical Farming is a practice of producing
food crop on “Vertically Inclined Surfaces".


Crop Production

Vertical Farming can ensure crop production year around in non- tropical regions & production is much more efficient than Land Based Farming. Vertical Farms attempt to grooving crops in
a challenging environment


Cost Saving

It reduces the cost of transport from
rural to urban areas & minimum damage.

you need to know

Why vertical farming is important at your home?

From village to city agriculture products are handled with dirty water, dirty hands, whereas pesticides free organic Green Vegetables is produced at home.

How to grow vertical farming?

Know more about our innovative portable model for vertical farming