Green vegetables are

a rich source of calcium which supports the bones,
keeping them dense and healthy


Microgreens to “Grow at Home” with “Potting Mix” in the Tray (With mixture of red Earth + Coco Peat)

Small Radish

Radish Microgreen

Small Broccoli

Broccoli Mirogreen

Small Beetroot

Beetroot Microgreen

Small Cilantro Dhaniya

Dhaniya Microgreen

Small Dill Shepu

Shepu Microgreen

Small Sunflower

Sunflower Microgreen

easy to produce

Microgreens at home

Sometime “Kitchen Experts” suggest to enjoy these germinated seeds with roots & stem along with green leaves for Salad Mix, Soup, Sandwiches or in Main Vegetable preparation.


How to grow microgreens at home?

Know more about how to grow microgreens at home along with Vertical Farming.