Introducing the new way

of urban farming

About Tiba Enterprises

‘TIBA Enterprises’ is a ‘Start Up’ company introduced by a young 69 years old Engineer turned to Farmer Entrepreneurs.


In home farming

Started farming at Badlapur, Dist. Thane, Mumbai, (India) four years ago and understood a lot of importance of Organic Farming against conventional farming, (where farmers are producing vegetables by using Urea & Pesticides).

Still, vegetables are handled with dirty hands, dirty waters. Hence, to avoid this, every family can produce Green Leafy Vegetables at home (which has no contamination of pest) which is fresh nutrition’s & safe.

We have already developed & produced large size of Vertical Farming for Commercial purpose which is 20 feet long, 6 feet wide & 6 feet tall having 600 Ports for Plantation and idea turns into Portable Model of Vertical Farming for each house & housewife to produce Green Leafy Vegetable at home.

This Portable Model is provided with “36 Ports” for plantation for Green Leafy Vegetable, like Palak Methi, Dhaniya, Shepu, Chawali, Lal Math, Hirva Math etc. Model is provided with Trolly Wheels to move anywhere within home or terrace or apartment gallery. 

Hence it’s easy to handle at home anywhere.

How to produce leafy green vegetables at home?

Know more about our portable model for vertical farming.